High-throughput Techniques

Metabolite stability screening and hot spot metabolite identification by combining non-selective and selective fragmentation and high resolution accurate mass
Tim Stratton, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Karen Salomon, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Yingying Huang, Thermo Fisher Scientific
RNA-Seq reveals the transcriptome changes at gene and transcript levels after treatment of HepaRG cells and primary human hepatocytes with phenobarbital
Lai Peng, University of Kansas Medical Center; Dan Li, University of Kansas Medical Center; In-Hee Lee, University of Kansas; Mahesh Visvanathan, University of Kansas; Xiao-bo Zhong, University of Kansas Medical Center
Ultrafast SPE Integrated with TOF-MS Increases the Throughput of Metabolic Stability Assays and Enables Analysis of Metabolites
Michelle V. Romm, Agilent Technologies; Nikunj Parikh, Agilent Technologies; Yuqin Dai, Agilent Technologies; Vaughn P. Miller, Agilent Technologies; William A. LaMarr, Agilent Technologies; Keith Waddell, Agilent Technologies; Can Ozbal, Agilent Technologies