Metabolic Profiling

Automated Metabolite Cross-Correlation as a Tool for Faster Decision Making
Hesham Ghobarah, AB SCIEX; Russell J. Mortishire-Smith, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development; Pascale Proost, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development; Alina Dindyal-Popescu, AB SCIEX; Hai Ying, AB SCIEX
Deuterium-Substituted Lapatinib Isotopologs Exhibit Reduction in O-debenzylation and Metabolic Shunting
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High-Resolution Accurate Mass-Measurements and Metabolite Identification: an Automated Approach Using Fragment Prediction in Combination with Fragment Ion Search (FISh)
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Identification and Determination of the Percent AUC of Five Metabolites of a Tetrahydropyran-containing Drug, Co-eluting as a Broad Peak due to the Presence of Metabolites Undergoing Conformational Change during HPLC Radiochromatography
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Identification and Semi-quantification of Circulating Metabolites of BIIB021 in First-in-Human (FIH) Studies
Lin Xu, BiogenIdec; Caroline Woodward, BiogenIdec; Min Chang, BiogenIdec; Samina Khan, BiogenIdec; Chandra Prakash, BiogenIdec
In Vivo Disposition and Pharmacokinetics and In Vitro Inhibition and Induction Profiles of Saxagliptin, a Potent Inhibitor of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4, in Human
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In-vitro and in-vivo identification of new domperidone metabolites by LC-ESI-MS/MS
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Unexpected Mass Changes as a Result of Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange
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gADME: Characterization of CYP2D6 activity of mutant proteins using control substrates and CNS-active drugs
Robert R. Annand, Apredica; Mohammed Taimi, Apredica; Takayuki Nakano, Apredica; Helen Gill, Cyprotex; Clive Dilworth, Cyprotex Discovery; Katya Tsaioun, Apredica