Non-P450 Phase I Enzymes

An Investigation Into The Prediction Of In Vivo Clearance For A Range Of Aldehyde Oxidase Substrates Using A Mechanistic Population-Based Pharmacokinetic Model
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Novel Human Hydrolase Carboxymethylenebutenolidase (CMBL): A Bioactivating Enzyme of Prodrug-type ARB Olmesartan Medoxomil
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Quantitative Targeted Absolute Proteomics (QTAP) for the Analysis of UGT1As and UGT2Bs in Human Liver and Intestinal Microsomes using nanoUPLC-MS/MS with Selected Reaction Monitoring
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Underestimation of the bioavailability of Aldehyde Oxidase substrates, example of FK3453. Is there a good strategy to predict AO clearance?
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